Food & Nutrition Supervisor

Job Category: Administrative & Clerical
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nashville TN


Food & Nutrition Supervisor will be an experienced and competent professional who is responsible for the supervision and documentation of day to day operations to ensure that patient and employee safety and HACCPS guidelines are maintained within the Food & Nutrition Department. This role will provide excellent customer service to all patients and employees.

1. Demonstrates the ability to perform specific competencies as listed on the Competency Checklist. Meets mutually agreed upon performance goals/objectives established annually as listed on the Performance Management Plan.
2. Integrates ethics in all areas of practice. Adheres to confidentiality and patient’s rights policies.
3. Supports the facilities’ mission and values.
4. Performs other duties as assigned.


The job-specific functions for this position encompass several areas. Firstly, in the realm of Quality/Regulatory, the individual is responsible for ensuring food safety (HACCP) and sanitation by implementing and monitoring systems. Additionally, they must adhere to patient safety protocols, comply with OSHA guidelines for employee safety, maintain department security, and enforce infection control practices while also complying with HIPAA guidelines.

In terms of Human Resources, the role involves assisting in the recruitment process, monitoring employee competencies, participating in coaching for professional development, and overseeing time and attendance policies. The candidate should also focus on utilizing cost control processes to meet goals and reduce waste in food and supply management.

In the service domain, the employee should work towards achieving patient satisfaction goals, ensuring customer satisfaction in retail services, meeting objectives in the doctor’s lounge, attaining catering goals, and maintaining compliance with standard recipes and quality processes in culinary operations. They should also handle customer complaints and report them to the appropriate superior for service recovery.

1. Completes work within acceptable time limits. Demonstrates the ability to set priorities.
2. Able to perform several tasks simultaneously during peak workload situations.
3. Ensures accuracy and completeness of work performed.
4. Maintains a clean organized work area.
5. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of work practices, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment to protect self and others from exposure to chemical and infectious hazards.

1. Strives for customer satisfaction.
2. Displays courteous behavior to customers, guests, and co-worker. Must smile, make eye contact, and use AIDET principles when interfacing with patients.
3. Listens to constructive criticism in a productive manner. Responds to supervisor's requests for information and assistance in a courteous manner and within required timeframe.

Education & Experience:

• High School Degree / Equivalent Preferred
• 2-3 year food service experience Preferred
• 1 year cooking experience

SALARY: $19/hr