Hotel Maintenance Engineer

Job Category: General Laborer housekeeper Janitorial Light Industrial
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Minneapolis MN

The Maintenance Engineer will provide Remarkable Hospitality and exceptional service to
every guest. The Maintenance Engineer performs general repairs and maintenance around
the hotel. You are responsible for ensuring the property is safe, efficient and well-


Perform general repair, maintenance and preventative maintenance of equipment and guest
rooms, including snaking of toilets as needed, within and around the hotel.
 Understand and use electrical plumbing, mechanical and A/C Refrigeration systems.
 Thorough knowledge of mechanical equipment such as boilers, chillers and refrigeration.
 Knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems, water, fuel consumption and maintenance or
records of power.
 Knowledge of building laws, building codes, city codes, building construction and reading
 Log boiler/Chiller, hot water temp etc.
 Inspect and ensure all fire and safety systems are operable.
 Respond to all calls for guest room requests.
 Respond to all hotel emergencies.
 Maintenance of pool, spa and exercise equipment.
 Responsible for snow removal around guest entrances and courtyard area, and parking lot.
 Responsible for roof top unit maintenance.
 Complete all work repairs slips.
 Clearly communicate to multiple departments thru a radio.
 Secure appropriate doors in the evening.
 Maintenance of all ice machines, freezers and coolers, including appliances in the kitchen.
 Ensure laundry washers, dryers, and mangle are in working order.
 Assist in driving, assist in other departments and assist in maintaining a clean and organized
hotel work area, including removal of garbage as requested.
 Projects and assignments are completed thoroughly, professionally, and with care.
 Adjusts to high-pressure conditions and is open to change.